Welcome to Aetna Calvary Church!

Pastor Phil and Pat Jones

How would you describe your experience in church?

Stiff and formal?

Irrelevant and BORING?

Cold and judgmental?

Where everyone seems to have their act together....except you?

Or, has church been a place full of LIFE?

A place where God is so clearly present you can really sense His nearness?
A place where people - all kinds of people - are warm and caring?
A place where the Bible is explained in a way that helps us where we live?

THAT'S what people often say about their experience at Aetna Calvary Church! We are not a "perfect church." We are people who don't have "our act all together." We are people who struggle in life. We simply realize how desperately we need God. We come together to know Him and His Word better and better.

We are finding as we come together, God works in our lives with amazing power. He is transforming our lives through a growing, deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you can identify with these statements, Aetna Calvary Church may just be "A Church You Can Call HOME!" We invite you to carefully make your way through this website, seeking to discover what kind of church we are. If you like what you read here, we hope you will come and visit us "in person"!

Pastor Phil & Pat Jones

Come join us real soon!

Aetna Calvary Church


Sunday School............9:45am
Worship Service........11:00am
Evening Service...........6:30pm


SonShine Kids...................7:00pm (school year)
Jr./Sr. High Youth...............7:00pm (school year)
Bible Study and Prayer......7:00pm